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Crazy Horse Leather

Crazy Horse distressed leather
Crazy Horse leather will absorb the oils from your hands, adding character to your chosen piece. This natural process will cause the leather to form a glossy layer making the product look even more exceptional than before. When scraped, it will change its color and will give it a worn out appearance. This allows you to make your favorite brand new item look rugged, rare and matured.

Crazy horse leathers are produced by applying a specific kind of wax to a full grain cowhide leather surface which has been buffed and smoothed out. This process results in the abrasion of the treated area changing its color. The transformation in its texture is not only an immediate one but allows it to change with time also, exhibiting an antique effect. All of our authentic items are engineered in a small tannery in Lithuania.

What is full grain leather?

Crazy Horse Leather

This is strongest and most durable element of the hide of an animal, situated just below the coat. The grain pattern in this section of the hide is very taut which is why this particular leather has been titled "full-grain" leather.

Full-grain leather is the strongest and most durable leather meaning that over time, full-grain leather will only intensify its stately charm. It will do so developing a polish from being handled as opposed to other types of leather which can and will ultimately diminish with wear.

However, even the highest quality full-grain leather will have small irregularities, which makes it all the more unique. From healed scrapes where the animal possibly brushed against a wired fence, to insect bites or thicker surface areas and neck wrinkles, or even vein marks. Well we all have them, right? These slight irregularities are embraced and incorporated into our products to showcase each product's natural individuality and their handcrafted nature.

100% Wool Felt

Wool Felt

Our gray 100% authentic wool felt is produced in Germany, and it is one of the oldest documented materials known to mankind. The felt is carefully forged deriving from fine selected merino wool fibers, which are then compressed, giving it excellent characteristics to protect your precious gadgets. Whether shielding your iPhone, tablet, laptop, house keys or life savings you can breathe easily knowing this buffer is sturdy, yet soft, water repellent, shock-absorbing and all-natural. It’s durable enough to withhold hold the test of time and has a refined touch that is unmatched in quality by cheap copies on the market.

100% wool felt water repellent test: